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A passionate entrepreneur & a go – getter, with a futuristic vision & an eye for detail; always on lookout for positive opportunities. With a broad experience & exposure to international markets across the globe, Daljeet  surely provides value added solutions, making more happy clients & smiling faces! Dynamic sales & marketing professional with good technical and management acumen with over 5 and half years of experience in corporate and start-up environment. Holds diverse management skill set, expertise in understanding of technology.


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Tech CEOs aren’t necessarily born — they are made. For a person to be a competent and in-demand CEO of a technology company, they need to have a mix of hard skills, which are related to their specific industry, and soft skills, which are attributes that help a person succeed in almost any job. If you are interested in becoming the CEO of a tech startup or are a technology firm looking for your next CEO, know what skills and competencies to look for or develop is essential. When evaluating the resumes of CEO candidates, keep an eye out for the following skills.

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