This Policy was last modified on OCTOBER 10, 2022.

Social Media Policy

Social media policy outline the rules and regulations for the use of Website and app


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This Social Media Policy ("Policy") is effective from October 10, 2022 ("Effective Date") and applies to ZEETSOFT TECH PRIVATE LIMITED, its subsidiaries and joint ventures over which the ZEETSOFT TECH PRIVATE LIMITED exercises management control ("We", "Us", "Our", "Company"). The Policy applies to all Employees engaged to provide services to the Company including senior mangers, directors, employees, consultants, contractors, trainees, remote workers, part-time and fixed term employees, casual and agency staff and volunteers ("Employee"/"You").

(a). This Policy has been created to help the Employees to adhere to the legal and ethical obligations while using social media platforms. Adherence to this policy is essential for the long-term development of the Company. While digital interaction brings huge benefits, it also comes with certain risks and responsibilities.

(b). Social media can be defined as any web or mobile-based platform that enables an individual or agency to communicate interactively and enables the exchange of user-generated content. Social media includes social networking, blogs, microblogs, vlogs, video sharing, wikis, etc.

(c). Most social media sites work on the principle of 'broadcast by default', which means it is not always possible to control who may, or may not, see the content. Even where such sites allow users to set up privacy settings and block unwanted contacts, the content published may be broadcast beyond a controlled audience.

(d). Our Company run with the motto of serving the customer and earning their trust. All of our communications and other interactions with our customers and the outside world should increase their trust in Us. This policy outline how Our values should be demonstrated on social media platforms. This Policy will act as a guide to the Employee while using social media for personal purposes as well as when acting on behalf of the Company.

(e). Employees are advised to use social media platforms in the same way and caution we do in the physical world. Always use sound judgment and common sense, by adhering to Company's values, and by following the Code of Business Conduct and all other applicable policies.

(f). The Company adheres to its core values while using social media and expects all the Company representatives to follow the same.


(a). The Company respects the rights of its Employees to use blogs and other social media tools not only for personal use but also as a means to the growth of the Company. All Employees must be aware of the implications of engaging in the form of social media and online conversations that reference the Company and its brands, and the Employee recognizes when the Company might be held responsible for their behaviour.

(b). The Employee may choose to have social media accounts and interactions that are entirely personal. Such interactions shall not include any connection or mention of Company or its brands.

(c). The Company does not want to prevent or restrict your use of social media in your own time and for your own purpose. Whenever you are on duty, We do not block access to social media sites at work but will restrict access to sites whose purpose or content are not consistent with our values or policies. Personal use of social media sites is only permitted in your own time and shall not interrupt your duties and performance.

(d). The Company never hide its identity online and all the stakeholders are expected to do so. Thus, creating fake or false online accounts is strictly prohibited. Whenever You are representing the Company make sure that You disclose the fact that You are representing the Company and follow all applicable internal protocols. Whenever you discuss the Company use the appropriate hashtags specified by the Company from time to time and clearly disclose the fact that you are working for the Company. The hashtag has to be visible to the readers of the message or content.

(e). You are welcome to declare your role at Company in Your personal account user biography, but always ensure that such accounts are not used for any corporate matters and shall only be used as Your personal account. Whenever you post something online with an identity connected with Company, use a disclaimer such as "The views expressed on this site are my own and not those of Company".

(f). Anything you post on social media will have an impact on the Company's public image and You shall be liable for the same. The Employees are responsible for their words and actions. Thus, You are advised to handle social media properly, exercising sound judgment and common sense and are always required to read and comply with the terms and conditions of the concerned social media website.

(g). Do not engage in conduct online that would not be acceptable in your workplace or that is unlawful. You are always required to follow professional ethics including not indulge in using any derogatory remarks, bully, intimidate, harass other users, use insults or post content that is hateful, slanderous, threatening, discriminating, or pornographic.

(h). Any employee who feels that they have been harassed or bullied or are offended by material posted or uploaded by a colleague onto a social media website should inform CEO, MD or HR. The CEO, MD or HR shall take reasonable actions and steps within a reasonable time and also shall report to the higher management of the Company.

(i). The Company respects individual opinions and you should respect others and their right to think differently from you. Topics involving politics, religion and sexuality can be extremely sensitive and you should consider refraining from addressing topics that may be deemed personally objectionable or even offensive. You should not make remarks, jokes, or display material that may offend a member of a particular race, religion, or gender.

(j). Employees are required to be polite, discrete, and respectful to all and do not make any individual comments for or against any individuals or agencies. Also, professional discussions should not be politicized.

(k). Company support the rights of Your rights and freedom of expression. But You must be cautious that your online activities are watched by both the internal and external stakeholders of the Company.


(a). The authorized person talking on behalf of Company is expected to act with honesty and integrity in all matters. Apart from this Policy, such a person shall also be required to strictly abide by the Company's Confidentiality Policy and other applicable policies.

(b). The Company requires all spokesperson to always disclose their name and affiliation. It is never acceptable to use aliases or otherwise deceive people.The spokesperson of the Company is required to go through the training on social media handling imparted by the Company from time to time.

(c). The content created by the spokesperson has to be specified and tailored to the site on which it is being published. Great care must be taken to avoid the propagation of unverified facts and frivolous misleading rumor's that often circulate through miscreants on social media platforms.

(d). Do not comment and respond unless authorized to do so especially in matters that are sub-judice, draft legislation or relating to other individuals.

(e). The spokesperson must keep a record of Our interaction online and monitor the activities of those with We engage. The record may be created on Company's internal platform and records be maintained with appropriate tags e.g., creator/sender, dates, posting sites, etc. The record of login ids and passwords also must be maintained. This is critical as multiple people may be authorized to post on behalf of the Company. The summary of the online post along with screenshots needs to be captured and stored within the Company for future reference.

(f). The spokesperson of the Company shall only use the official accounts for posting or talking on behalf of the Company on social media platforms.

(g). The spokesperson shall ensure their posts are completely accurate and not misleading, and that they do not reveal any confidential information of the Company. Always use the best of your judgement before such engagement and if you are in doubt, do not post the same and get clarifications from the CEO, MD, HR, MEDIA OPRETER.

(h). Whenever the spokesperson represents the Company on online platforms, he/she shall keep in mind that the audience may not be restricted to a particular location or category. Thus, it is pertinent to have a world view while using online platforms and ensure that such posts or engagement does not violate someone's dignity or rights.


(a). The Employees shall not without the Company's prior written consent discuss with the media including any national or local newspaper, magazine, radio and/or television station any matter related to the Company.

(b). If a member of the press or online media contacts You about online content concerning Company and if You are not authorized to respond to the same, please refer them to the CEO.


(a). Since You work for the Company If You come across any positive or negative remarks about the Company or its brands online you believe are important, consider sharing them by forwarding them to

(b). You may come across negative or disparaging information about the Company online, do not respond to such allegations unless you are authorized to do so on behalf of the Company. You need to share posts/information with Our authorized person at


(a). You are always expected to keep the confidential information of Company, groups, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders strictly confidential. This is a contractual and legal requirement. Always take necessary precautions while dealing with any confidential information of the Company and never post or disclose anything online or otherwise.

(b). The confidentiality obligations include the information about internal stakeholders of the Company including Your colleagues, managers and other personnel working for the Company.


(a). Never use some else's work, including copyright, trademarks, publicity rights, or other rights, without prior permission and proper credits.

(b). You are expected to respect the IP rights in online social media, including with regard to user-generated content. In case you need any clarification in this regard, you can contact CEO, MD, HR, MEDIA OPRETER.

Concerning Company's IP rights, you are required to adhere to the Company brand policy and in case of any doubt, contact CEO, MD, HR, MEDIA OPRETER.


(a). Where applicable law permits, be aware that Company reserves the right to monitor the use of social platforms and take appropriate action to protect against misuse that may be harmful to the Company's reputation.

(b). We reserve the right to restrict or prevent access to certain social media websites if We consider personal use to be excessive. Monitoring is only carried out to the extent permitted or as required by law and as necessary and justifiable for business purposes.

(c). Misuse of social media websites can, in certain circumstances, constitute a criminal offence or otherwise give rise to legal liability against you and us. It may also cause embarrassment to us and our clients.

(d). Where evidence of misuse is found, we may undertake a more detailed investigation in accordance with our internal policy, involving examination and disclosure of monitoring records to those nominated to undertake the investigation and any witnesses or managers involved in the investigation. If necessary, such information and reports may be handed over to the police in connection with a criminal investigation.

(e). Any breach of this Policy will be sanctioned in accordance with applicable HR policy and necessary actions will be taken in accordance with the applicable laws including the termination of employment with immediate effect.


(a). By signing this Policy:

(b). I acknowledge that I have reviewed the above-listed policies and guidelines of the Company and understand my responsibilities.

(c). I agree to report any actual or potential situation or incident that may be contrary to the above policies as soon as I become aware of it.

(d). I agree to abide by the aforementioned policies, and I understand that my failure to follow the policies may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

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