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Event's located at: Different Cities in MADHYA PRADESH , INDIA

The main objective of this event is that we are going to do this event at various places for the promotion of our mobile application NEO. At the same time, we want that whatever candidate listens to us, they should provide us good reviews by enjoying the food given in this event organized by us on that day before going home.
News For Providers: 

>>>It has been informed to you that according to the type of food to be distributed free of cost, please submit your best quotation to ZEETSOFT as soon as possible with the proposed amount. You will also be made a Prime Sponsor in NEO WORTH * Proposal amount 5 Lacs INR. (nonnegotiable) and Last date 18th Jan (over).

ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS PERMITTED: Electronic communications are permitted to both Parties under these Terms of Service, including e-mail or fax. For any questions or concerns, please email Us at the following address:

The Shortlisted Worth Applicants will be Declared Soon.

    Proposal form Received
    1: 14/01/2023:11:08:44 2: 14/01/2023:12:01:59 3: 14/01/2023:02:19:01 4: 14/01/2023:03:11:39 5: 14/01/2023:04:51:30 6: 15/01/2023:10:34:10 7: 15/01/2023:12:32:55 8: 15/01/2023:12:51:08 9: 15/01/2023:04:25:18 10: 15/01/2023:09:25:08 11: 16/01/2023:09:50:11 12: 16/01/2023:03:25:48 13: 16/01/2023:04:50:17 14: 18/01/2023:06:53:01